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Cheating your score on BBTAN

Here's your typical game on BBTAN. That's not a really good score,is it? Now i'll show you how to make you the 2k16 quick scope world champion of BBTAN.


  • I'm not related to BBTAN or to 111%.
  • This guide requires ROOT ACCESS. If you don't know what it is,look for a way to root your device or even go away,as it can be really dangerous.
  • I won't take any liability on damages your device gets following this guide.However,if you carefully execute every step as it is written you should not get any issue.

Tools being used in this guide (If you feel comfortable with other apps with same functionalities as the one below,you can use them as well):

All those tools are free. However,if you feel comfortable with them,buy the full versions of those apps to support developers.
I'm describing this procedure using Android 4.2.2,so older/newer versions of Android may require additional or different steps.

1)Find the save of your current BBTAN match.
Open Root Browser and look for your root folder. The save's file is located in data/data/com.crater.bbtan/files

2)Copy the save on a folder out of your root
If somebody goes wrong editing or saving the file,you could have to reinstall or app or worse. It's better to alter the file on another folder (as you can see i've created one named "bbtan test" on my sdcard) and then to overwrite the older file with our hacked one.

3)Edit your game's values
Here it comes,the funny part of the wargame. Open the file you copied with SQLite Master and edit its values.

What you see now it's the database of your game. Here you can hack owned balls,bricks on the current game and much more. However i'll just show you how to edit values on the "User Table" column as it's the one where score and other interesting things about your current game are stored.

If you tap on the UserTable column 2 times you'll get a screen like this. Now,tap the edit button (the one with the pencil) on the top-left of your screen. Now you can edit nearly everything about your match! Here's a description of the most "interesting" values:

  • top_point:Your best score.
  • coin:Coins.
  • ball_count:Balls you shot every turn.
  • now_stage:Your current score.

Now let's try modyfing ball_count and now_stage. What will happen?

4)Overwrite your save and restart the game.
Now copy the edited "save.sqlite" file and overwrite the original one in data/data/com.crater.bbtan/files.

Let's see what happens when you open the game now...

Well,everything worked! New blocks will spawn every turn with your score+1 HP like they usually do,so just play some turns and the game will look genuine.

Important:cheating will not make you better at playing ANY game. If you want to really get stronger,train the game. Understand that this guide is just what it looks like:a joke,and a way to explore new knowledges. Always play competitive games correctly.